Honest update

Helloo hellooooo
I’m at a place called veeertigooooooo
It’s everything I didn’t know
except you
gimmeh something

that was song lyrics by the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVfhq1pe7nA that song has been stuck in my head a lot lately.

Anyways, howdy do! I gotta be honest – I haven’t updated this blog since hong kong for good reason which is basically because I’m just tired, which is strange considering I’m on vacation. whatever. So, we get into the country (Israel) and immediately there’s a lot of adjustment necessary – it hit us as soon as we left the airport. Hell, it hit us before we left the airport, when I had to run back into the airport from the carpark and the security lady stated busting my balls asking what I was doing where is your passport relax lady it’s all good I’m just a stupid tourist looking for my sister’s headphones.

THEN we got to the carpark where my dad had rented a car for some reason. Coolbeans, it was left hand drive though. Actually everyone drives on the wrong side of the road here. That means the left lane is the fast lane (isn’t that bizzare?) so we were tooted at a bit at first. Actually, that’s all these Israeli’s do on the road, damned cunts. Always always on the horn, always always ALWAYS! Wooo! It’s funny once you’ve adjusted but after a while it was just plain stressful, and I’m being honest.

Speaking of stressful, the food here sucks. Also, it’s so expensive like fuck oath, I’m paying the equilavent of twenty AUD for this bowl of shitty pasta with more sauce than pasta. And you want a tip as well? when your had to ask waiters twice for my water? Tip on this dickheads I paid for the meal using micro-shekels. Oh, I should explain that – basically everything in this country costs shekels but occasionally some stores price things at like 9.90 sheks so you get these useless 10 microshekel coins that you can buy nothing with. Speaking of money every last cunt in this country has set out to fleece my sorry arse, fuckin’ a’ my taxi driver charged me double because I didn’t know any fucking better (never been in israeli taxi + didn’t know how far the destination was + no meter in the cab?!?!) and the dickhead had the  balls to try and increase the fee once we arrived at our destination EVEN THOUGH he picked up and dropped off other random customer on the way (though I think that’s common in this country). Turns out the government here also has an arbitrary 18% tax on everything, weee. Also our dollar is slightly weaker but whatever.

It’s really mainly just a combination of being jewed by the locals, shitty (well, mediocre once you find good places) food, having to go to bahai places all the time and the stresses associated with family. Fuck that’s first world but fuck off it’s honest to goodness homesickness.

Anyway. The reasons I have not been updating are highlighted above. Believe me when I say I have written pages of content on my phone and I have plenty of interesting photos and wacky videos of myself to share but I’ve hardly got motivation to drag my arse out of bed lately.

I’ve started eating a bit better and excercising more lately though, now that I’m more familiar with the neighbourhood I’m staying in and I am feeling better but sadfjhasdiufjhsadf I’ll have real updates up soon. Thanks for being patient, whatever, have a cool song for your trouble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bbupert400

I’ll have those written posts up soon. Maybe (probably not). Still, they’ll be good, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things here. Also I have a missing day in hong kong which I still haven’t uploaded, as well photos videos from that

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