Bumming around

Sometimes you just ask yourself “man, what the fuck am I doing?”

Today was one such time. On the last day of our trip, we found ourselves inside Hong Kong’s very own Brand Name Overspend Emporium. 

Some brands you know and the rest you’ve never heard of. 

All the merchandise is ugly and out of your price range, unless you’re one of those dickheads who drops a couple hundred bucks on a pair of socks. At least the place was air conditioned…

 Some names you might recognise…


…and the ones you won’t




You do wonder whether or not they just made these names up.  

Quick addendum: right after writing that last line mum told me that miu miu and fendi are actual, real, respectable, not made up, legitimately prestigious brand names. To that I say, if you want to be that knobhead wearing miu miu be my guest matey!
After that we got some REAL Hong Kong shopping done. The kind with no fixed prices and plenty of ball busting. Not much to say here though, since we didn’t buy much. 
What I can say though is get a load of this view!


A breathtaking view of the city and skyscrapers from the ground level! It’s one of those views which photos do no justice but it is breathtaking. 
Anyway, our plane to Israel leaving soon. There’s a lot that I’ve missed (Friday, the airport, other things) but those will have to wait. I’ll post this now while we’re still grounded and while i still have mobile data available!

Check back for more updates  Weeeeee!!! 

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