Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Patrick and I’m going ’round the world with the family. We’ve planned this trip a while ago and it’s going to be 100% coolbeans – mum’s looking forward to it, little buddy is keen and even old pop’s back is hurting less.

We’re headed to Israel to join my sister Parissa (whom I call “buddy” or “little buddy”) and bring her home. We start with Hong Kong, then Israel, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong again and finally home.

Along the way, I hope to drum up a bunch of wacky stories to write here, whether they happen to me or I hear about it from someone. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to put up photos and videos (videos especially – I would like to upload a few of these if free wifi permits).

That’s all for now. Hope you will keep visiting over the next few weeks!

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